April 9th, 2010

  • realnc

QTads 2 public Git repository

I've pushed the initial commit of QTads 2 into the Git repo yesterday. It can be fetched with:

  git clone git://qtads.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/qtads/qtads


  cd qtads
  make -j2
  (Replace "2" with the amount of CPUs or CPU cores in your system.)

Don't try "make install". Simply run the binary from the build directory.

You can keep your local copy of the repository up to date with:

  git pull
  (From inside the qtads directory.)

There are feeds that can be used to monitor commits:



The repo can be browsed at:


There's still a lot left to implement, but at least it now runs games without aborting every other turn :P Being able to run "Six Stories" was sort of a requirement I've set before releasing the code:

Bug reports at this stage are a bit of an oxymoron; there's a lot of functionality obviously missing. The main reason I made it public now is hope that people with C++ and Qt knowledge might want to contribute to the development.

There are still some crashers left, the most important one being a crash that occurs when navigating through banner windows (in Eric Eve's "Shelter from the Storm", for example.) Banner support in general is currently quite broken.