January 14th, 2011

  • realnc

QTads 2.0.2 has been released

This is mainly a bugfix release, correcting a number of bugs in the previous version. As always, you can download the Linux, Mac and Windows versions as well as the source code, from:


Changes since 2.0.1:
  • In games that use background images, there was a visual glitch in the part of the background image near the vertical scrollbar. This has been fixed.

  • You can now drag&drop TADS game files into the application window to load them into the interpreter.

  • Clicking on a banner window no longer results in not being able to compose accented characters (or other characters requiring "dead keys".)

  • Text grid banners should now have the correct foreground/background color (light gray/black) when a game doesn't explicitly set them.

  • Games are now able again to display dialog windows with buttons.

  • A crash at exit that occured on some systems after running games that play MIDI music has been fixed.