February 16th, 2011

  • realnc

HTML TADS on Android Devices

Today I was experimenting with the Android NDK and the recently started android-lighthouse project. I never did mobile development before, mostly because I don't even own a "smart" phone; I guess I don't need my phone to be smart, I just need it to make phone calls :-P But it turns out that developing for mobile targets ain't that alien.

So after about 6-7 hours of figuring out how stuff works, I got TADS 2 to run on Android. Graphics, hyperlinks and colors work OK. The only thing missing is sound/music support. But it should be doable since the SDL library, which QTads uses for sound, has been ported to Android. Screenshot:

Screenshot of TADS 2 running in Android emulator

TADS 3 crashes for some reason and I've no idea yet how to debug on Android.

The port is extremely crude at this moment and not something that can be released. Also, android-lighthouse is in a state of flux and it's not clear yet how to deploy applications. The only sure thing is that it won't require people to root or jailbreak their devices.

Hopefully I'll be able to provide a package for this soon. Don't cross your fingers about it happening this month though.