Nikos Chantziaras (realnc) wrote in tads3,
Nikos Chantziaras

Corrected Mac OS X builds of QTads 2.0.1

The Mac version of QTads 2.0.1 (both for Intel as well as for PowerPC) had an annoying issue: at some point during a game, the transcript would get stuck and new text would not be visible anymore. This is due to a faulty version of one of the base libraries used by QTads.

I've rebuilt the interpreter using a version of that library that does not exhibit the problem:

Download for Intel Macs (OS X 10.5 and higher)
Download for PowerPC Macs (OS X 10.5 and higher)

Note that this was a Mac-specific problem; if you're not using the Mac version of the interpreter, then you're not affected.
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