mjroberts (mjroberts) wrote in tads3,

Mercury next steps

I just wanted to reiterate a point that might have lost in the details in my earlier Mercury posts: the reason I published it is to open it up for collaboration and spin-off projects. I might not have time to do any more work on it myself for a while - indeed, it's been stalled in its current state for a couple of years now - so the main reason for publishing it is to allow it to move forward if anyone else is interested in making that happen. Please let me know if you're interested and you have the bandwidth to take on a chunk of it; depending on the level of interest and the tastes of those involved, we can figure out what makes sense in terms of source control and other tools. (If you want to use it as the starting point for a separate project on your own, no need to coordinate with me or anyone else, but I'd still appreciate hearing about it.)

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